MANUFACTURING (NAPCO) has a wide range of machinery and capabilities in the binder and packaging manufacturing when compared to other companies in the United States. Our goal is to manufacture as many components as possible in-house, in order to cut cost and production time. This allows us to deliver product faster, control quality better and offer the best pricing to our customers.


Automatic Sample Cutting Table
CAD driven precision cutting of paper/board for production quality samples.
Min size: 4”x6”
Max size: 51”x63”

Fuji UV Digital Press
Wide format for producing production quality samples and short runs cost effectively.
Size – 4’ x 8’

Automatic Die Cutting Lines
Min: 15.75″x 15.75 to Max: 28″ x 40″
Thickness: 4.5 point to 120 point
Up to 1,000,000 impressions per week

Automatic Foil Stamping/Embossing Lines
Min: 15.625″ x 14.5625″ to Max: 29″ x 41″
Up to 200,000 impressions per week

High Speed Case Making Lines
Min: 5″x 7″ to Max: 28″ x 40″
Up to 300,000 per week

Automatic Litho & SBS Laminating Lines
Min: 12″(W) x 15″(L) to Max: 30″ x 41″
Up to 200,000 sheets per week

High Speed Box Lines
Min: 7/16” up to Max: 7.5″ deep
Up to 500,000 units per week

High Speed Edge to Edge Laminating/Mounting Lines
Min: 5“x7” to Max: 31“x41”
Up to 240,000 units per week

Multiple Clam Shell Platen Die Cutters
Up to: 40”x56”
Substrate – Min: 8 point SBS to Max: 200 point chipboard

Hot Star Die-cutting/Foil Stamping
Min: 15.75″ x 14.5625″ to Max: 29″ x 41″
Up to 200,000 impressions per week

High Speed 60” Wide Sheeting Line
Precision cutting machine that converts rolls of materials to flat sheets.
From 6” to 60” in length

Rollem High Speed Slitting and Collating Line for Playing Cards
Min: 2″ x 2″ to Max: 5″x6″
Up to 250,000 decks per week

High Speed Paper Cutters
Precision cutting machines to cut large lifts of paper and board at high speeds.
Max size: 53”x53”

Automatic Shrink Wrapping Lines
Up to 400,000 units per week

Automatic Hot & Cold Pattern Gluing Lines
Min: 4″ X 4″
Max: 30″ X 50″

Automatic Board Creasing Lines
Up to 150,000 units per week

Multiple Pot Devin Gluing Lines
Max: 32″ x 50”

Automatic Board Grooving Line
Min: 4″ x 10″ /.080 caliper
Max: 17 x 36:/.120 caliper
Up to 350,000 per week

Kensol Foil Stamping Lines
Max: 12″ x 18″ Image
Up to 130,000 impressions per week

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