Printing and Decorating Methods

When selecting the right combination of decoration and product, you should consider lead time, quantity, type of material, type of product, colors, and graphics. Browse through these examples of decorating options for ideas.

Screen Printing – Spot Colors and Pantone Matching System

A versatile printing method used on everything from T-shirts to surfboards, the screen printing process can apply opaque inks onto many different types of substrates. This makes it more effective on color materials than offset/litho printing. Our in-house mixing specialists can create colors that suit your specific projects. (VIP/ATC) also offers PMS-matched colors to meet your particular image needs.

Offset/Litho Printing

High-quality offset/litho printing is applied directly onto white vinyl before a clear coat is applied for protection. Though applied to a white substrate, any color or graphic background can be created during the printing process. This method of printing is also used for film-laminated casemade wrapped binders.

Foil Stamp

Stamping foil with a copper or brass die can add a touch of elegance to your presentation packaging. Using heat and pressure, our three Kensol Hot Stamping presses apply foil to your products. Available in a rainbow of colors, the foil stamp process suits a wide range of cover materials.

Foil Stamp/Deboss

Combine foil stamp and deboss to create a textured feel with eye-catching color.


Appliqué represents the ultimate in customization. A process of reproducing artwork onto vinyl, this application transfers the work of your artists directly onto your binders. A special die in the shape of your artwork is created to both cut and seal the images. Using this die, a piece of vinyl is heat-sealed onto a base vinyl. The die seals the shape of the artwork onto the base vinyl before the excess surrounding vinyl is removed, leaving only the shape of your artwork.


Multiple decorating techniques, cover options, coatings, colors, and finishing accents can be combined to deliver a unique and attractive product. Work with the creative team at (VIP/ATC) to determine what applications best fit your project.

Blind Deboss

Blind debossing, sometimes called “blind stamping,” uses a custom copper or brass die to press an image or logo into the cover material without foil or additional material. The result is an understated look rich in texture. To produce this look on vinyl products, we apply radio frequency in addition to heat and pressure.

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